Heather Charles

My name is Heather Charles and I love being a part of the Downtown campus. I grew up in AZ for most of my life, and I’ve lived in Tucson for the past 3 years. Tucson is such a cool place, and I feel so lucky to teach in a school that’s right in the heart of it.

I earned a bachelor’s degree in physics with a minor in biology from Northern Arizona University. It took me forever to figure out my major, because I wanted to learn all the science! I started with environmental engineering, then hydrogeology, and when I finally picked physics I had a hard time deciding whether I wanted to minor in astronomy or biology! That’s why I decided to go into teaching once I completed my degree; I can keep learning science as I teach it to others. Since math is the language of science, I also love showing my students how to navigate mathematics as well.

I am passionate about protecting the environment for future generations and creating projects for my students to help them appreciate the wonders of the Sonoran Desert. To this end, I use an inquiry-based approach for both science and math. Every student is capable of constructing their own knowledge, and I look forward to facilitating this construction for years to come.