Mallory Reed

Mallory Hansen

It seems like I am destined to belong to places that begin with the letter “P.”  I was born and raised in a tiny town called Potsdam, New York, which is about an 8-hour drive north of New York City and about 30 minutes south of the Canadian border.  Sometimes it is too cold to snow during the long winters, but the summers in the nearby Adirondack Mountains are full of sunshine, lazy days on lakes, and sweet corn on the cob!  

During my junior year at Hamilton College, I studied in delicious Paris, France.  After graduating with a BA in Sociology and French language in 2010, I completed a Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship in Phitsanulok, Thailand where taught over 750 high school students and traveled around SE Asia.  

Upon re-entry to the United States, I landed in…. Tucson?  Well, it is in Pima County!  I so appreciate the dramatic skies, monsoon rainbows, amazing mountain views and activities, caring people, and fun yoga community.

I’m also lucky to call Paulo Freire Freedom School my home.  I love being the Office Manager and assisting students and families in any way I can!