Mariah Harvey


Mariah HarveyHey y’all! Welcome  to Paulo Freire Freedom School.. I am so incredibly thrilled to begin our new journey together. Whether you’re just entering middle school, in sixth-grade — bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready to start your academic journey, or if you’re coming as a seventh or eighth grader who is more experienced in middle school, and is ready to tackle some new academic endeavors; we welcome you all with open arms, hungry minds, and conscious hearts!

I’m Mariah, the Intermediate or Level 2 Spanish teacher and this will be my second year teaching in the Paulo Freire community. I grew up in Oklahoma, but found my roots here in Tucson. I love to be outdoors, and active in social justice groups in our city… Hiking and writing poetry are some of favorite things to do, and I always have a Stephen King book under my arm. I’m currently pursuing my Masters Degree in Secondary Education and I’m so proud to be a Wildcat (although my advisory would beg to differ because they know that I’m actually not too fond of real cats). Speaking of my advisory….. THEY ARE AWESOME! Our advisory embraces adversity with poise and has the courage to hold philosophical discourse about everything.. From social justice to zombie apocalypses.(apocalypsi?)

I’ve discovered that Tuc town is the cradle of cultural diversity and every single day, I am inspired by the grace of Tucson beauty.  In our Spanish 2 class, our lesson activities are aimed at those who may already have some preliminary exposure to Spanish Language or culture, and wish to challenge themselves  through exploring the linguistic diversity of Spanish speaking countries. This class is challenging, and encourages our kids to think consciously about second language acquisition.

I am also the AfterSchool coordinator and provide academic assistance to students enrolled in our after school  program. I can’t wait to embark on a new year together. Buena suerte a todos !