Rachel Mueller

Hello! My name is Rachel and I am so excited to become part of the Paulo Freire Freedom School community.

I grew up in the countryside of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, but I’ve also lived in other places around the world that I both love and appreciate, namely- Philadelphia, Wyoming, Colombia, Mexico, and Hawai’i. Today, I am happy to call Arizona home; I moved to Tucson due to my interest in the Southwest, the borderlands, and its beautiful nature.

I am a huge proponent of amateur education and personal study, and I will always consider myself a lifelong learner. In my formal education, I received a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Philadelphia’s Temple University and my Master in Social Work from Arizona State University.

After spending years in the classroom as a teacher in subjects such as Health, English, and Special Education, I returned to school with the intention of becoming a school-based counselor so that I could support the needs of young people on a more individualized level. I am passionate about working for social justice, and I also enjoy hiking, camping, gardening, good music & cinema, and building genuine connections.

Thank you so much for welcoming me, and I look forward to meeting you!