Weekly Schedule

Because we are a small school of only 75 students (by design), we can be very flexible with our scheduling of the instructional day so as to take advantage of the many learning experiences that arise on a weekly basis in a place like Tucson.  That being said – we do use a ‘Weekly Schedule Template’ (see below) as a starting point as we implement our instructional program from week to week where blocks of time are grouped to support interdisciplinary, project-based learning.

The ‘instructional day’ begins at 8:30 am every day that school is in session.   Students may be dropped off at school earlier (the building is open with light supervision by 7:45 am each day) but the instructional day officially begins at 8:30 am with the whole school, community meeting.  When a student is dropped off, they must come downstairs immediately (no waiting around in front of the school).  This is school policy (for safety reasons) and there will be no exceptions.

The instructional day ends at 3:30 pm every day except on Wednesday.  On M, T, H, and F students are to be picked up between 3:30-3:45 pm.  Any student waiting for pick-up who has not been picked up by 3:45 pm must come downstairs to wait for pick-up and when parents arrive after 3:45 pm they must come downstairs to retrieve their young person.  This is school policy (again for safety reasons) and there will be no exceptions.  On Wednesdays school ends at 1:45 pm and parents are to pick-up their young people between 1:45-2:00 pm.  The PFFS-University staff meeting begins at 2:00 pm.  Parents must pick-up their young person by 2:00 pm on Wed – no exceptions.

Our AfterSchool program is available every day except Wednesdays from 3:45-5:00 pm (no AfterSchool on Weds).  To participate in this program parents must sign-up their young person using the AfterSchool Form.  AfterSchool is fee-based but financial aid is available.

During the middle blocks on M, W, and H students rotate between Spanish and Lunch (on Tues the middle block rotation is Advisory/Lunch and on Fri it is Spanish/PE/Lunch).  A silent sustained reading block that we call Literacy follows the middle block rotations everyday.  During the last block of the day on M, T, H, and F students have either an Elective Class or their Learning Lab.  Every Friday one-third of the students are out of the building on an Expedition.

Weekly Schedule Master


Download Weekly Schedule Master in PDF.