CITY Center for Collaborative Learning is the charter holder for both Paulo Freire Freedom School – University and Paulo Freire Freedom School – Downtown.  CITY Center is governed by a Corporate Board (CB) that has fiduciary responsibility for the operations of the non-profit organization including the operations of PFFS-University and PFFS-Downtown.  The CB’s responsibilities include executing annual budgets, annual financial reports, and the hiring/dismissal of all CITY Center administrative staff and the Principals of each school.  The CB allocates the human, material, and fiscal resources of CITY Center for systemic and sustainable implementation.  The CB relies on the Executive Director, working closely with school leadership, to carry out its strategic plan, allocate resources, and implement educational programs that allow for continuous school improvement and student achievement.  The CB may elicit collaboration from others in the creation/monitoring of its strategic plan.  CITY Center is the charter holder of both PFFS-University and PFFS-Downtown through the Arizona State Board for Charter Schools.

Each school  has its own School Governing Board (SGB).  The SGB for each school is responsible for individual school practices/policies related to school climate and culture (including but not limited to the expulsion of students) and for carrying out the mission and strategic plan of the CB.  The Executive Director is a liaison between the CB and the SGB of each school.  A CB member also sits on the SGB of each school.  The SGB reviews and monitors academic data to ensure the successful progress towards the school’s goals and mission. The CITY Center Corporate Board remains ultimately responsible for the actions of the Executive Director and the two SGBs.

The PFFS-University Governing Board consists of the CB representative, the school principal, two other school staff members, two community members and three parents.  This ensures that decisions are made with representation from different perspectives while keeping us from inadvertently convening a quorum that could violate Open Meeting Law.  SGB members will serve for two-year terms and be approved by the majority of the School Governing Board itself.  When vacancies occur within the School Governing Board, the SGB will facilitate discussions among the constituency represented by each position to produce potential candidates for Board consideration/approval.  An SGB member may, upon approval of the SGB, serve multiple terms.

For more information about the PFFS-University SGB please contact our principal, Chad Blair.

For more information about the PFFS-University SGB please contact our principal, JoAnn Groh