SGB Members, Dates, and Agendas

Paulo Freire Freedom School – University’s governing board plays a key role in the governance of the school. The board includes student, parent, staff, corporate board, and community representatives. For more information about the school board and school governance, contact Principal Chad Blair.

The 2018-2019 Paulo Freire Freedom School – University Governing Board members:

Chad Blair   Principal Paulo Freire Freedom School – University,  Co-chair

Carina Brokamp   Parent Representative.  Secretary

Rudy McCormick   Corporate Board Member, CITY Center for Collaborative Learning

Mark Hotchkiss  Corporate Board Member, CITY Center for Collaborative Learning

Keri Lenertz    Parent Representative

Lin Lucas    Humanities/Science EA and Advisor

Tadeo Pfister   Science Teacher, Expedition Coordinator, and Advisor

Shannon Scott    Parent Representative.  Co-chair

Greg Sinner     Community Partner

2018-2019 School Governing Board Meeting Dates:

9/19/18  Notice and Agenda

11/14/18 Notice and Agenda

1/16/19  Notice and Agenda

3/27/19  Notice and Agenda

5/15/19  Notice and Agenda