Spring 2011 Intersession

March 7-11, 2011


Arizona HighwaysPicture3

Come explore Mount Lemmon through a different lens… a camera lens!  On this intersession, we will be learning about nature & photography.  We will spend one day at school learning about photography, followed by two days and one night exploring and camping on Mount Lemmon.  In the end, we will be able to create our very own nature-inspired calendars, magazines, and blogs!

Dance Party

Share your music, share your moves. Attend a dance performance. Learn elements of Zumba, modern, jazz, hip-hop, and ballet.  Choreograph a dance based on environmental sustainability and social justice themes.  Make your own costumes and props. Perform with your intersession group for family and friends.

Farming – Clean Air, Dirty Hands, and Food in the Belly

This is an intersession for students who identify as hard workers and DSC04518can think of nothing more fun than working with animals and gardening all day. We will visit different farms, might camping overnight at one nearby farm. You will take home your own herb garden and learn how to build a brooder box for baby chickens. (We will discuss vegetarianism, veganism, and the ethics of animal farming, but you need to know that some of the animals we will work with are being raised for meat.)

Lakes, Caverns and Mountains

100_2320Do you prefer the fresh outdoors to the stuffy a/c stores? Does it make you really amped when you know that you camped? Who thinks campfires are cool and do s’mores make you drool? Do you hike with all your might and enjoy the bright moonlight? Can you have a blast in mud and check out all the little scud? Can you have a blast in mud and check out all the little scud? Would you like to know how to fillet and cook the meal you caught upon your hook? And if fishing’s not your cup of tea you can surely get nature artsy! We’ll travel to a special Lake where in boats we can make a wake. In the Dragoons history will unfold as we learn about the Cochise Stronghold. For those of you that want more knowledge the kind that’s hard to find even in college…We’ll learn just how to think, and see the Earth as one big link. We’ll look at the tiny and the gigantic and discuss what it means to be inorganic. We’ll play games and journal and read and in having fun we will succeed. If all the above sounds like it is true, Then this Intersession may be for you! (It is for girls and boys too!)

Love Not Bloodborderwall

Come into the real world and learn what’s really going on when it comes to the Arizona/Mexico border. Participants will have the life changing opportunity to team up with local human rights organization MeToWe; which includes a trip to the Borderlands to catch a glimpse first hand at one of Arizona’s hottest issues (where exactly we go will partial depend on security). Let’s stand for love not blood and learn how to help create a more humane border for everyone. This intersession is for leaders, is that you?

Pushing Our Limits: Prescott Pines Camp

DSC_0050This is the 6th year we are offering this intersession experience – it always is an amazing experience for everyone involved. About 20 of us will be staying in cabins at the Prescott Pines Camp (Prescott, AZ – 3 hours northwest of Tucson) and engaging in a variety of activities together that push our physical, mental, emotional and social/interpersonal limits. We will participate in a challenge course, nature hikes and a hayride, as well as, a variety of ongoing discussions about racism/prejudice, social cliques, and bullying. A large part of this intersession experience will be working together – through the unexpected challenges that arise.

Rockin Rincons- Part II

Explore the world out your back door on this great backpacking trip into Happy Valley Saddle the Rincon Mountains of Saguaro National Park East. We will backpack into the wilderness to discover the plants and animals that inhabit this sky island ecosystem so close to home. Join Park Service staff to complete environmental restoration and bio-mapping activities while taking in great views of Tucson and the surrounding area. Experience the triumph and freedom of self sustained travel. Learn to push yourself to a new level of physical and mental health.  Most of all, enjoy the friendships you create with peers while learning firsthand what we can do to support a healthy environment.