Fall 2011 Intersession

November 14-18

Building with a Conscience

Shelter is a basic need for all humans, but much of the world population dsc_0029lacks adequate housing. How can our view of homes and communities adjust to incorporate environmental sustainability and social justice? This intersession will explore three themes around community and housing structures: city planning, architecture, and construction. We will research past and present practices, and dream about the future. Field experiences designed to deepen our understanding will also help others working to build with a conscience. Learn to draw blueprints, design with eco-friendly materials, and get hands on experience using the tools of the trade. Most of all, let’s have fun making our future a more comfortable place for all!

Got Food? Where Did You Get It?

Do you enjoy food? Do you ever find yourself pondering food production – dscf4627wondering “where does my food come from” or “what are some different ways of producing the food I love” or even “is the dominant method of food production necessarily the best?”. If so, this intercession is for you! We will be spending the week exploring how food happens and comparing different approaches to raising, growing, and presenting food. Among other out-of-the-building adventures, we’ll be visiting an all-natural grass-fed cattle ranch, where we’ll hopefully be getting our hands dirty!

Political Musical Theater

Who says politics and music don’t mix! Sign up for this Intersession where we will sing and dance and debate (and watch singing and dancing and dsc_0017debating) about historical and modern political issues. Each day we will focus on a major Musical Theater play (Evita, Les Mis,Cradle Will Rock and Wicked) learning the story, the backstory (e.g. the historical/political context) as well as enjoying the music. We will talk with real actors, singers and dancers and visit local theaters. We will dabble in performance ourselves through the use of these major plays as well learning about guerrilla theater and theater of the oppressed. Gotta Sing? Gotta Dance? This one’s for you.

Sunship III at the Cooper Center for Environmental Learning

Sunship III is a three day, two night earth education program IFthat is held at the Cooper Center, which is in theTucson Mountains. We will spend Monday here at school preparing for the trip. Tuesday through Thursday we will be out at the Center, where we will learn about important earth concepts, think about our choices and ideas towards nature, and spend LOTS of time (both day and night) exploring our desert. We will do things like visit Mario’s Pizza Parlor in Solarville, visit ruins at the Temple of SOL, set up a museum exhibit, and work at the Cycle Factory, earning (and using!) our Solarian money the whole time. When we return, we will get to set up our personal “Quests”, which we will continue to work on back at school.

Warm Fuzzies

What is it about animals that make us so happy? Why does a video of a delta_10sleepy puppy on YouTube make us smile even on our grumpiest days? How do we interact with animals in our increasingly digitized world? In this intersession, we will be looking at the special place animals hold in our hearts and lives as we explore the ideas, science, and practice of animal therapy. Animals of all species and sizes have positions as helper animals, emotional therapy, and physical therapy aides. We will be learning not only about the animal therapy of the past, but the bright and diverse arena of the present. We will work with various organizations around Tucson as we help others through cold noses and wagging tails, and get in touch with our inner warm fuzziness!

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