Fall 2012 Intersession

November 12-16, 2012


The “Break a Leg!” Acting Intensive02a

If you could become someone else for a week, who — or what! — would you be? In this acting intensive, we will learn the ins and outs of putting on a play: scriptwriting, directing, set design, lights and sound, props, costumes and makeup, and most of all, how to be a good actor. We will play trust, improv, and other acting games, and end our week with our very own performance!

 The Desert for Dinner

What does the desert taste like? What could you eat if you had to survive on the prickly plants of the desert alone? Find out just 06bhow delicious the desert can be and how people have harvested the bounty of the desert for thousands of years. In this class, we will be cooking up feasts of traditional, native foods of the borderlands, going on a wild harvesting hike, and taking field trips to see traditional farming and food preparation methods. Learn how healthy desert foods are and how to incorporate them into mouth-watering dishes you can share with your friends and family!

Everybody Dance Now!

Move your body! Shake your tail feather! Groove is in the heart! We will learn 01cabout many international dances. No previous experience required only a need to move and enjoy the music of many different cultures. We will learn some Indian dance, samba, west African, and other fun and energetic dances from around the world. We will watch corny dance movies, music videos and performances, make flashy costumes, put together a performance and of course dance ’til we can’t dance no more!

Fashion Rebels

Do you believe that fashion is an art form that can make positive changes in the world? Are you interested in learning how fashion rebels throughout history have affected everything from what ethnicities you see in magazines 02dand runways – to what sort of fabric your clothes are made of – to the rise of street fashion? This is your intersession! We will be learning about the lives and missions of our fashion rebel and forefathers/mothers . We will learn about the ethical issues facing the fashion industry today and the people/companies that are trying to change them. We will get to meet designers and business owners in our community. We will take all this knowledge and create our own fashion brands that celebrate our rebel spirits and our belief of making positive change through the art of fashion! “The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.”- Coco Chanel

The Law!

Experience a whirlwind survey of what it is like to practice law. This Intersession will be a mix of getting out in the community to see law in the real world and learning/practicing our own skills out at school. 03eWe will be talking with lawyers about their practice, attending trials at the courthouse and visiting with law students at the UofA. At school we will read/watch a fabulous play, 12 Angry Men, about what it is like to be on a jury and end by trying out our own lawyering skills by enacting our own mock trial. Perfect for those thinking about a career in law or law enforcement or those who just like a good old fashioned intellectual argument.

The Revolution Will Be Painted

You have stories to tell. Your thoughts, concerns, passions and pains–they all say something important about you, and about our world–. 05fThis intersession helps you tell those stories in shade, shape, space, and color. With the help of guest artists and exposure to different artistic methods and movements, you will paint or draw a series of pieces: 1. a self-portrait that truly defines who you are, 2. a piece that explores an issue of injustice you deeply care about, and 3. a social justice piece that depicts solving that issue. This is an experiment of visual art that is geared toward both the first-time and the seasoned artist. We will end the intersession by putting your art on display in a downtown art gallery complete with a red carpet, fancy clothes, and an audience! Wana make a positive impact in your community? Join the Revolution Will Be Painted!

X Marks the Spot

Explore the world out your back door on this great backpacking trip ?????? ?into the Aravaipa Canyon Wilderness. We begin with a relaxed pace journey into the wilderness to discover the plants and animals that inhabit this unique ecosystem so close to home. Experience the triumph and freedom of self sustained travel. Learn about the history of the area, how to survive in the wild, and what it means to preserve natural resources. Most of all, enjoy the friendships you create while learning first- hand what we can do to support a healthy environment for future generations.

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