Fall 2013 Intersession

September 30 – October 4, 2013


A Friend in Need Is A Friend Indeed!_fb09 - Copy

This intersession will focus on the more ambiguous relationships that we all have with other animals. Get ready to get your hands dirty really delving into what it means to be a human by exploring our interactions with the myriad of non-human animals, both domestic and wild, that literally surround us every day. We will gain an understanding of how human communities and animal communities impact each other, and probe at the question of how separate those two really are. With the old maxim “you are the company you keep” in mind, let’s blur the lines between “us” and “them” and make some new friends.

The Book Intersession_fb01 - Copy

Do you have a story to share? Now is your time to do it! Join us to write your very own book from  start to finish! Your ideas will come to life in words and drawings as you author and illustrate your book. We will read stories and learn about how authors write as we craft our own tales. And, we will finish by binding our books, so you will be able finish the Intersession with a hard bound copy of your own original piece of literature!



Go for Grit_FB16

We’ve talked about it, we’ve measured it, now there’s only one thing left to do-put our grit to the test! During our intersession, we will explore just how gritty and resilient we and our surroundings are. To push ourselves to our grittiest, we will tackle difficult hikes that push some of our own comfort zones. While outdoors, we will also investigate our environment to figure out what makes some plants and animals more resilient than others, and what we can learn from other species. Plus, we will look at our own community and the people in it to determine what makes Tucson strong and what we can do to make it even stronger and grittier. And, as an ultimate test to our grit as a team, we will complete a high ropes challenge course! Go for Grit!

Living Is Winning (Fitness for Life)_fb18 - Copy

What does it take to be a winner? And what is your definition of winning? Compete with yourself on some high intensity urban adventures. Set goals and feel yourself rising to achieve them. Make the most of your failures as learning opportunities. We will hike to the pools of Romero Falls, challenge our stamina and group collaboration skills on a city bike tour, climb to new heights with ‘Rocks and Ropes’ and learn about athletes who have risen above adversity to achieve what seems impossible. Adventure is window – open it up and climb on through.

Photography Whole<3edly_fb05 - Copy

Grab a camera, view the world, and capture your passions within a frame. Using our eyes and creativity, we will practice various photography techniques from film to digital. Photo shoots, postcard prints, and photojournalism, try your hand at them all. There is no need to have your own camera prior to the intersession. Heck, we’ll even make some of our own!



#creative #ducttape #costumeofyourdreams_fb02 - Copy

Costumes are a great way of letting go of who we are and be someone else for a change. Did you ever think you were born in the wrong decade? or century? Do you wish you were a flapper from the twenties or a knight of the round table. Have you ever wished you were a wizard or a fairy? Or dreamed of dressing up like your favorite book or TV character. Maybe Jake from Adventure time or one of the aliens from Doctor Who? I love costumes and I want to help you create your dream costume for Halloween. We will use new and recycled materials and we will visit the fabric store, thrift store and hardware store. We will look at other people’s costumes and discuss what makes a good costume. You will design, build, duct tape and use all your creative powers to make something you are proud to wear out in public.

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