Fall 2014 Intersession

September 29-October 3


Bizarre Foods TucsonDSC_0019

Just as beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, bizarre is encrypted in the culture of the consumer!  In this delicious intersession, we will use all of our senses to collect evidence and challenge our current notions of what makes food “bizarre.”  Without leaving the Tucson grid, we will embark on an international scavenger hunt of specialty and ethnic markets and restaurants.  We will devour diverse delicacies from durian to dukkah along with a taste of Tarascan Mexican Tohono O’Odham specialties, Tucson tamales, tacos, and more.  Selected readings, movies, and episodes of Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmerman will guide our inquiry and help us gain perspective on how environmental, historical, and socioeconomic realities influence how and what we choose to eat.  You will also have the chance to express your own wild and wonderful tastes in the kitchen and publish a recipe of choice in our very own Bizarre Foods PFFS cookbook!

Conscious Hip Hop & Poetry WorkshopDSC_0066

Wake up, Hip Hop, Wake UP!  Are you awake… Are you conscious?  Or are you sleep walking through a world of belittling lyrics and negativity? Aren’t you tired of hearing the same radio played music with messages of misogyny, oppression, and mistreatment of others? Let’s lift each other up; That’s Hip Hop, man.  In this intersession workshop we will focus on the history of socially, emotionally, educationally conscious Hip-Hop. We will focus on writing techniques, develop personas as artists, and challenge ourselves by not adhering to the damaging entity that popular Hip-Hop has become. We need to get back to the positive, expressive roots of Hip-Hop and form a new generation of Hip-Hop Heads and poets united.

It is… Rocket Science!DSC_0015

Countdown has begun on this adventure to explore what rockets are, how they work, and where they can take us. Join me as we tour some of the famous rockets in the Tucson area, and try our hand at launching various designs propelled by water, air, even solid fuel.  Newtonian physics at its greatest combined with investigations into new understandings and possibilities. Blast off!


Mosaic Mash-upDSC_0007

Take a look around Tucson, have you ever seen a mosaic, made up of tile or glass or maybe even fabric?  Join me on this adventure to discover the beauty and patterns of mosaics.  Historically, mosaics decorated castles and temples and the patterns were detailed and mathematical.   We will look at mosaics of the past along with current ones in our community.  Not only that, we will create our own beautiful mosaics with glass and tile or maybe fabric! And… we will complete the week with designing a mosaic for the walls of PFFS.

Sky School14

Are you an explorer? An inquirer? An investigator? Curious about the hows and whys of this world?? This is the intersession to take your questions and discoveries to the next level! We will start our journey by heading out of Tucson and going to the highest peak of our closest sky islands, Mt. Lemmon in the Santa Catalinas. We will spend four days and three nights there, exploring ecosystems by day and staying in dorms at night. While exploring, we will also be observing our local environments with graduate students from the UA, who will support us as we develop our very own scientific inquiry projects. Over the course of our three days, we will gather and analyze data to help us answer our scientific queries, and will then present our findings the last evening of our stay on Mt. Lemmon. So gather all of your observational and investigative skills to become a scientific explorer of the Catalina peaks!

Tucson Urban Outdoor Adventuresphoto 1

Love the outdoors?  Want to have an adventure?  All that you need for adventure and fun is within your reach.  Put away your technology.  Leave the confines of your indoor spaces.  Get outside and explore what city life has to offer.   Explore the city by bike and foot.  Experience geocaching and city scavenger hunts.  Track and map where you go for others to follow in your footsteps.  Explore the possibilities for adventure in cities around the country.  Become and “Urban Explorer” and recognize the City of Tucson as the adventuring opportunity it is, right here in our own backyard.