Fall 2015 Intersession

October 5-9


Autumn Harvest – Mallory Reed Hansen

IMG_4755As the days slowly smolder and the air crisps and crackles, we will gather to harvest the autumn abundance of Arizona.  We will begin with a discussion of where our food comes from and what it means to eat sustainably.  We will then embark on a farm to fork quest to collect the fruits of the season. Our mission will take us to Apple Annie’s Pumpkin Patch for an agricultural lesson, corn maze scavenger hunt, picnic, and hayride to the patch to pick the perfect pumpkin to bring home. For our grand foraging finale, John Slattery of Desert Tortoise Botanicals will lead us on a two-day field class in which we will participate in all aspects of amaranth seed harvest, from identification of the plant to food preparation. We will walk through the landscape to become acquainted with our home through habitat observation and field botany. After we reap our bounty, we will process the seeds and make them into whatever delicious desert desserts we choose to concoct! 

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Film and Media Production  – Britta Homelvig

IMAG1795IMAG1796In our Intersession, we will explore film and media production.  In visiting various sites, such as the Loft and UA film department, and hearing experts speak, we will have the opportunity to understand the equipment, skills and facilities necessary to produce media.  We will also be able to conceptualize the process a film undergoes from the editing floor to the big screen and each of us will be given time to produce our own PSA/commercial/film.

IMAG1819             IMAG1825

Get Yo’ Game On – Ariane Mohr-Felsen

photo 1photo 2Come prepped to play this intersession! But we won’t be gaming on screens…all of of our play will be hand’s on or full body. Be ready to test your strategizing skills with games like Settlers of Catan, Allies and Axis, Risk, and Go. We’ll even have a strategy games expert come in to introduce you to some real old school games. We will head outside to test our balance and juggling skills as well as hit the town to check out our local game stores and gaming scene. And, throughout it all, we will take time to reflect on what it feels like and means to go screen free!

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A Picture Is Worth a 1,000 Words – Gaby Gutierrez

_DSC0078During this intersession, we will be developing our perspectives and creatively expressing ourselves from a unique lens-a camera lens! Join us as we learn some basic photography techniques, view the works of many artists, write about the images we see, and of course take photos of our own! We will travel downtown and to the University of Arizona to take most of our images, but will also have a night in at PFFS! During this time, we will have our own photo shoot, discuss the “selfie” phenomenon, and see how tools such as Instagram and Photoshop influence the way we view images. We will also get a chance to take some nighttime photos. To end, we will create a gallery with original pieces for viewing, reflection, and discussion. Hope to see you there!

PFFS-24 copy

         PFFS          PFFS-34 copy PFFS-46 copy


What Is Fashion? – Mariah Harvey

IMG_0729In this intersession we will be setting our clocks backward in time to take a look at clothing trends—beginning with the 19th century! There have been monumental changes within the world of fashion, and we will be required to take action, and inquire about what types of fashion changes have happened from the 19th century to the present. IMG_0753From Regency and French fashion to Hippy Chic and Grunge, there is no fashion stone that we will leave unturned! You will have to share your perspective on why these fashion movements happened, and reflect upon what types of fashion trends play a part in your own unique sense of fashion and style. We will mimic some of these fashion styles, and express ourselves through unique interpretations of each fashion era!  We will also find evidence of subcultures created within eras of fashion, that aim to go against the grain of popular fashion trends, like the deconstructionism era! Our care and love for changing styles will take us down a wonderful road of discovery, fashion, style, and expression!



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UA Science Blitz – Steve Beall

IMGP1476Are you crazy about science?   Do you love the University of Arizona?  In this intersession we will explore some of the fascinating science research and facilities at UA.  A few of the possibilities include visits to:  The Steward Observatory Mirror Laboratory, IMGP1262where a team of scientists and engineers make giant, lightweight mirrors of incredible power for optical and infrared telescopes.  BIO5, where scientists collaborate to find solutions to complex challenges affecting humanity today, such as “How do e feed a hungry planet?”   The new Tree-Ring Lab, which is recognized worldwide as a preeminent center for the advancement of tree-ring techniques.  IMGP1229Flandreau Science Center & Planetarium, where science is brought to life through exhibits of biology, energy, and optics.  This is just a taste of the possibilities!photo