Fall 2016 Intersession

October 3-7

Arizona Legends and Ghosts – Mariah Harvey

ghostsbisbeePssst… Hey! Have you heard the one about the Lost Dutchman’s gold mine? Legend has it, that somewhere deep in the brutal Arizona desert, there lies $200,000,000 worth of buried treasure that was lost some 500 years ago. If you haven’t heard of that one, tell me you have heard of La Llorona! Throughout the Southwest and extending into Mexico, La Llorona, or the Weeping Woman, is said to haunt the washes and riverbeds weeping for her lost children. Okay, okay.. What about the Mogollon Monster? That may be one that we have to explore together! Folklore and urban legends have always been fascinating to me, and this intersession will take us down a creepy, and chilling trail of studying and learning of local urban legends. We will be driving to some of the sites that hold unique histories for some of Arizona’s most legendary and historic narratives of folklore. We will inquire about their origins, as well as learn of the elements of creating powerful spoken folktales that get passed from generation to generation. Join me, if you dare, and discover the origins of urban legends of Arizona and the folks who tell ’em!

Wings, Wizards, Wicked Witches, and Wagging Tails – Carman Ryken

sewingCarman the costume queen has decided to once again offer her costume intersession. You will work hard to design and build/sew the costume you have always dreamt of.  Whether it is from your favorite tv show, book or movie, we will figure it out. If you are not sure what you want to make we will spend some time as  a group visiting local thrift stores and theater costume shops. Everyone deserves a chance to fly, so you will all get to make yourself a pair of wings! If you cannot decide on a costume for you, you can make sweaters for homeless dogs.

Writers Welcome – Gaby Gutierrez

writersworkshopIn this intersession, we will venture into the world of writing!  Throughout the week we will explore genres such as fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction as we complete a variety of exercises to get our creative juices flowing. We will explore Tucson’s city life and natural scenery to discover how place impacts imagination. We will also have the opportunity to meet local writers and learn about their craft. Writing takes time and dedication, which is why we will also be having an overnight writing marathon!  During our overnight, we will share ideas, eat yummy food and of course, write.  Whether you’re drafting the final pages of an epic novel or jotting initial ideas on a page, all are welcome.   “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” ― Maya Angelou

Journey to Japan – Mallory Reed Hansen

japanflowersYou don’t need a passport to travel across Japan this Intersession season.  Together we will explore Tucson’s rich array of Japanese culture and engage in workshops with local experts related to anime, kyudo archery, aikido, butoh dance, calligraphy brush meditation, traditional origami, flower arranging, bonsai and more.  Of course, no trip to Japan would be complete without an authentic Japanese lunch out at a local restaurant and an anime card game and film night in your pajamas with the leaders of the U of A anime club. You will experience Japanese history, philosophy, cuisine, and traditions from experts we meet along the way.  Pick up your chopsticks, draw your bow in arrow, grab your brush, and get ready to journey to Japan!

Gears and Grit…Hands and Hearts – Steve Beall

bikesropesLet’s put our bike fleet to use, and explore bike paths as we help our community!   On this intersession, we will visit places near the The Loop where we can engage in volunteer work and have fun doing it.  We’ll learn about bike maintenance, and practice group riding skills.  Furry friends will be delighted to see us at PACC, and we’ll dig down in the dirt in a vegetable garden. Your trapeze talents will be tested, and we’ll zoom down a zip line as we swing into skill building at a high ropes course.  Get on your bikes and ride!

Beans and Leaves – Ariane Mohr-Felsen

teaceremony-1Are you a coffee sipper? Tea slurper? Chocolate savorer? Come tantalize your tastebuds and mind on this exploration of leaves and beans from around the world. We will be sampling some of the best coffee, tea, and chocolate southern Arizona has to offer, all the while learning from local experts. We will also be studying where these delicious foodstuffs come from and researching their biological, cultural, and historical roots. Ultimately, our goal is to not just take joy in what we eat and drink but also to learn the story of the place these hold in our culture and how we can consume them in a socially just and environmentally responsible way.


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