Fall 2017 Intersession

Cultural Tucson (Carman): Tucson is an awesome city with amazing diversity.  We have a very strong Latin@ and Chican@ community, and there are also many other communities that make this town special.  We will explore the parts of Tucson we may not have known about and meet with and eat with many different cultural groups.  We will visit the Islamic Center, go to Lee Lee grocery store, and much more.  We will finish off the week with a multicultural potluck– our own version of the Tucson Meet Yourself Festival!   

Natural Building (Marcus): Up until the last few generations, we all built the houses we lived in.  Billions of people the world over still build their own homes. It’s possible here in Tucson, too, and easier than you might think to achieve.  We will be spending 4 days exploring techniques around straw bale and adobe, as well as looking at plans and designs for self-built homes.  We will spend two days in Picture Rocks with self builder Frank Staub, a day with BLM historic building preservation officer Chris Schrager, and we are very lucky to be spending the day with world renowned straw building pioneer Bill Steen. The week will be hands on and practical. By the end of the week, you will have the basic skills needed to begin researching and preparing to start your own natural building project. We will spend the night of Tuesday, October 3rd at a ranch house in Canelo, Arizona.

Operation Wilderness (Tadeo): Tucson is a vibrant community full of institutions dedicated to working in conservation and applied science. The Operation Wilderness Intersession will explore and engage with some of these organizations and assist in conservation and science projects focused on understanding, preserving, and restoring the natural heritage of the Southwest. This will include the removal of non-native invasive grasses in Bear Canyon with Sky Island Alliance, assisting the Tumamoc Hill research station in developing interpretive trails for hikers, and much more. Students will explore the different biomes at the Biosphere 2 and participate in some of their ongoing projects. By the end of the Intersession, students, parent helpers, and staff will have a greater understanding of the critical conservation and science initiatives happening in the Tucson area, and how this work is helping to preserve and restore the natural heritage of the Desert Southwest and Sky Island Mountains.

Taste of Tucson (Ariane): Do you like to eat? How about explore farmers markets? Browse recipe blogs? Cook your own food? Then this Intersession is the place for YOU! We will be taking to the streets of Tucson to discover just how many flavors this town has. We have a whole food-focused itinerary lined up: volunteering on a farm to learn where and how some of our veggies grow, wandering farmer’s markets and chatting with local vendors to learn what they love and recommend, researching what foods are indigenous to this region and what we can do to ensure food justice, visiting a local restaurant to sample what they’re whipping up, and, ultimately, cooking our very own feast from the recipes you’ve chosen and the ingredients we’ve purchased! Come taste, create, and savor together!

Potter Freire: School of Magic, Social Justice, and Environmental Sustainability (Gaby): Do you dream of making potions, learning new spells, and arriving to your destinations by apparating or using floo powder? Does the thought of playing wizard chess or a riveting match of quidditch excite you? Alas, this may be the intersession for you! Throughout this magical week we will partake in a variety of team building , self reflection, and community service activities– all while immersed in the the world of Harry Potter! We will go through a sorting ceremony, attend classes, eat delicious food, play quidditch, and learn ways to spread magic in the community through the Harry Potter Alliance. Whether you’re a Harry Potter super fan or someone who would like learn more about the wizarding world, all are welcome.  Hope to see you there– “Wands at the ready!”

Aim High & Let ‘em Fly! (Steve):  Would you like to: Develop better focus and concentration? Gain clarity of mind?  Flex your patience muscle? Improve coordination and balance? Build physical strength and stability? If so, join us on the archery intersession! We will explore the craft, art and science of this ancient skill that goes back thousands of years into human history. Our exploration will include bow making, professional lessons, and range time.  We will also investigate the mechanics of archery, including draw weight, elastic potential energy, and the physics of the force and energy exerted into firing an arrow.  Aim high and let ‘em fly!

“If you would hit the mark, you must aim a little above it; every arrow that flies feels the attraction of earth.”  – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow