Fall 2018 Intersession

Exploring the Wild Animal Kingdom  (Steve) Do you love all animals big and small?   During the Animal Kingdom Intersession we will explore animals of many shapes and sizes, from large mammals to tiny insects and those in between.  Have you ever wondered if zoos are really necessary? Have you thought about whether zoos are good or bad? These questions will be explored through a behind the scenes peek of Reid Park Zoo, and we’ll compare the animal exhibits and habitats there to those at the world-renowned Desert Museum.  We will have hands-on interactions with several species of animals, as we learn about their adaptive traits and behaviors. Are you curious about what roasted crickets or toasted meal worms taste like? Now is your chance to find out (if you want), as you chew on the possibility of raising insects as a sustainable food source for humans.   We will travel by bikes when possible.  Read the parent letter here.

Clay Creations (Ariana) Do you like working with your hands and getting a little messy? Have you always wondered what it would be like to work with clay and ceramics? This is the intersession for you! We will explore the world of pottery beginning with wet clay, to bisque ceramic, to final glazed piece. We will get to learn how kilns work, about different tools that potters and other ceramic artists use, and get our hands a little dirty as we get to work with some clay make some ceramics projects of our own.  Read the parent letter here. 

Imaginautics: Discovering Art Everywhere (Lin) Everywhere you look, there are ordinary objects waiting to be transformed by the power of imagination into something delightful. Visit green spaces, neighborhoods, and galleries—observe, document and create: Poetry, performance, mixed media/found object art.  In this Intersession, you’ll have a wide variety of opportunities to explore, discover, and create. Read the parent letter here. 

Murals for Justice (Carman) Murals are beautiful ways people make their art and causes visible for all to see.  We will spend time researching and traveling around Tucson to view murals in different neighborhoods.  We will then use our learning of the history of social justice murals to design, plan, and paint a beautiful and important mural right here in our school.   Read the parent letter here. 

Path of the Jaguar  (Tadeo) will explore the Santa Rita Mountains where the jaguar El Jefe once roamed, spending Tuesday and Wednesday nights at the University of Arizona’s Florida Canyon Research station. While there we will explore Florida Canyon and have lots of adventures hiking, tracking, and bird watching. We’ll also search for the elusive elegant trogan, track mountain lions and deer, and enjoy nature. The Florida Canyon research station has a bunk house, kitchen and is the gateway to the Santa Rita Mountain Wilderness area. Path of the Jaguar will have the perfect blend of adventure, science, and fun! Read the parent letter here.

Inner and Outer Beauty (Abigail) What does it mean to be beautiful? What does it mean have beauty? In this intersession we will explore what beauty is, what it should be, how it’s built, and even how it’s torn apart. To do this we will look at media representation, cultural beauty ideals, health and beauty, body positivity, and so much more. Don’t feel like this is a gender specific intersession. The world puts pressure on all genders to hit certain standards of “beauty”, both inner and outer. Read the parent letter here.