Spring 2012 Intersession

March 5-9, 2012


A Different ‘Tour de Tucson’dsc_0034 - Copy

Ever wondered why we call our state Arizona? How was Tucson’s “Barrio Perdido” lost? Where is the best place to get great, authentic Mexican food in this city? In this intersession you’ll discover the answers to these and other questions about the Mexican side of Tucson. By hunting through cool old neighborhoods, tasting delicious comida, and meeting local historians we will find out why Tucson’s Mexican roots are so important to this community.

Clay All The Waydscf5298

In this intersession we will think, learn, do, and play all things clay. We’ll spend the week exploring pottery techniques, from pinch-pots to mosaics, and learning about the ceramics of today and yesteryear! If you like messy artwork, a little history, and a touch of science, this intersession is for you!

Cold Slimiescold_slimies_intersession_099 - Copy

In this intersession, we will depart from our warm fuzzy friends on land to delve into the aquatic animal kingdom and the study of marine biology. We will explore the underwater world, an enormous environment that covers three-fourths of our planet. There are myriad ecosystems underwater, from coral reefs to fresh-water lakes to rivers to deep-sea ravines. This intersession will focus on the plants and animals of the seas and oceans as well as the issues facing their delicate life cycles, such as pollution, global climate change, and over-harvesting. From albacore to zooplankton, we will learn about predators and prey, large and small; the variety of marine life offers us endless possibilities for investigation. Dive into the “Cold Slimies” intersession!

Cut and Paste Collectivebicas2 - Copy

We will be exploring the world of book making and Self/Independent Publishing for Young Artists & Authors! The sky’s the limit when it comes to book making and publishing. We will be looking at Zines, DIY book binding techniques, art books, scrolls, journals, newsletters, and even the new opportunities in self-publishing the internet has given us such as Blogger and WordPress. We will also be visiting local literary agents and printing presses. Students are encouraged to join the collective, especially if they’ve ever dreamed of making their own comic, art book, Zine, poetry journal, newsletter or anything along those lines. By the end of this intersession each student will be able to present one DIY published book and another as a collective intersession.

Dance Partydsc_0092 - Copy

Share your music, share your moves. Attend a dance performance. Learn elements of Zumba, modern, jazz, hip-hop, and ballet. Choreograph a dance based on environmental sustainability and social justice themes. Make your own costumes and props. Perform with your intersession group for family and friends.

Move Your Boote

This intersession is all about moving and being day_2_move_098 - Copyactive in as many ways as possible. We will be exploring different career opportunities focused on sports and keeping ourselves fit and healthy along the way. Some things you can expect to do in this intersession are: meeting local sports figures, experiencing different ways to be physically active in our community, and learning about and practicing different skills sports-related careers use. Challenge yourself and your peers by participating in the “Move-A-Thon” in which we will record the amount of time we spending ‘moving’, accepting pledges for money that will be donated to the Special Olympics.


Do you find yourself doodling mindlessly any time a piece of paper is placed in dsc07749 - Copyfront of you? Do you love sketching whozits and whatchamacallits? This intersession is an introduction to basic drawing skills and artist tools for the beginning illustrator. You will develop your own character in each of the following styles: cartoon, comic, anime and manga. You will take away skills that you can use as you continue to expand your artistic repertoire.

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