Spring 2013 Intersession

March 18-22, 2013


Bike the Barrio11bb03

Did you know that Tucson is rated one of the top cities for biking in the U.S? This is in part due to the unique culture and diversity offered by our sunny city. The city of Tucson is an Art Gallery. Let’s explore the city’s culture and history by touring public artworks on bike! While we are at it, let’s learn as much about the bikes upon which we are relying as possible. We will hop on our bikes to hunt down some of the city’s most unique murals and recycled art pieces, plus we will spend time learning the basics of bike repair and maintenance. We will explore using old bike parts to create art works of our own. And finally, we will contribute to a unique mural project in our city! Hurray for Tucson! Hurray for bikes and art.

DIG DIY – Do it green, Do it yourself!07dy02

Build it, grow it, plant it, conserve it, make it, fix it, recycle it, reuse it and love it! Let’s love this awesome planet and learn how to treat it right while learning how to answer the question, “how do you…?”. We will build a chicken coop and learn about planting and growing food, making goat cheese and lots of other fun ways to live a green life. We will have a chance to work with tools, explore gardens, play with trash and dirt and hopefully start a PFFS garden here at school. Do you DIG DIY?

Pushing Our Limits

18pl04This is the 7th year we are offering this intersession experience – it is always an amazing experience for everyone involved. About 20 of us will be staying in cabins at the Prescott Pines Camp (Prescott, AZ @ 3 hours northwest of Tucson) and engaging in a variety of activities together that push our physical, mental, emotional and social/interpersonal limits. We will participate in a challenge course, nature hikes and a hayride, as well as, a variety of ongoing discussions about racism/ prejudice, social cliques, and bullying. A large part of this intersession experience will be working together – through the unexpected challenges that arise.


Rock & Soul Campout20rs04

Are you always listening to your favorite band or constantly singing, playing an instrument, or even just drumming on your desk? Do you love the outdoors and are you interested in getting outside of your every day routine? If you answered yes to any of those questions then this is definitely the Intersession for you! We will be exploring all different types of music from rock to hip-hop to classical to soul, we will learn basic music skills from professional musicians, and we will even play our own music-ending some of the nights around a cozy camp fire under the desert stars. This is the time and space for you to experiment and challenge yourself whether you are a practicing musician or you just love to listen to music. Our goal is to form an Intersession band and to perform for PFFS and possibly at other special events. If you want to shake your soul and rock your socks off at this overnight Intersession – the Rock & Soul Campout is the right tune for you!

Rocks and Remains09rr02

Explore the desert through the eyes of an archaeologist. Archaeo-what? (One who studies past civilizations). We will travel to several sites in Arizona studying the historic inhabitants, geology, and ecology. Atlatls, pemmican, pottery, shelters, and more await us as we travel to Tonto National Monument, Montezuma Castle, and Tuzigoot National Monument. We will camp at Lake Roosevelt and outside Camp Verde on our road trip through the past. The extra miles will require us to leave on Sunday and come home Thursday. Learn while on an adventure!

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