Spring 2014 Intersession

March 10-14, 2014


The Athletic M.I.N.D.100_0212

“The passion of anything begins in the mind” – Bruce Lee. Students will learn that the strongest muscle in your body is your mind. The students will take a journey that will test their strength, will and ability to gain trust and confidence in themselves and that of their team mates, they will gain skill and knowledge of how to utilize their tools that will allow them to communicate with team mates as a leader and as well as taking direction to achieve success. They will participate in a Navy Seal Swim drills, Crossfit endurance, Brizian Jujitsu techniques, Kickboxing techniques, Muay Thai drills, and Boxing. They will meet athletes from the MMA community, Wrestling, Brazilian Jujitsu and other sports arena that will talk about their success being based on control, knowledge, discipline, and dedication. The students will transform and become a power house that will be built from the Mind down. 


Peep! Peep! Peep! That’s the sound you’ll hear when you meet your day-old chicks at the post office in the middle of the night. We will build our own brooder boxes and learn all about how to care for baby chickens. Each student will care for his or her own flock, either selling them at the end or keeping them for pets. Note that students will be required to take their peeps home for each night of the intersession, and to attend to them throughout each night as needed. This is part of the learning process.  Daily care for the baby chickens after hours at PPFS during Intersession week has been assigned and customized parent permission forms have been distributed to parents for signature.

Prescott 2.0074

About 20 of us will be staying in cabins at the Prescott Pines Camp (Prescott, AZ – 3 hours northwest of Tucson) and engaging in a variety of activities together that push our physical, mental, emotional and social/interpersonal limits. This year we will be exploring the notion of culture – looking deeply into our own and others’ cultures. A large part of this intersession experience will be working together – through the unexpected challenges that arise. This will be the 8th year that we offer an Intersession experience in Prescott – it always is an amazing experience for everyone involved. 

Strong GirlIMG_6165

What does it mean to be a strong young woman in today’s world? Strength comes in all different forms—let’s explore some together! Join us on a three-day, two-night backpacking trip to unplug from our daily lives, challenge ourselves in the wilderness, and rediscover just how fun spending time with your girlfriends in a new setting can be. While in the backcountry we will consider what empowers us as well as the pressures put on girls and women. Once we are back in the front country we’ll reflect on our experiences and use them in a media literacy workshop. We will use the workshop to take a critical look at how girls and women are portrayed by today’s media and how those depictions compare with our definitions of female strength. Finally, be ready to put together presentations–and maybe even videos–to share all we’ve done and thought about with others!  

Two Wheels, One CommunityIMG_3692

Health and nutrition take a new turn in this revolutionary minded intersession. Learn what treasures exist in our local community for food, fitness, and friendship as we take trips by bike to great spots around town. We will explore farms, restaurants, and other places that celebrate the locavore mindset and seek to improve our neighborhoods. All that is required is a sense of adventure, a dose of grit, and a desire to make a positive change in the community.