Spring 2015 Intersession

March 9-13


Dream it. Draw it. Make it.__DDM01

Would you like to see your artwork take on a new life in print?  For centuries, artists in many cultures have added ink to their illustrations and drawings, now it’s your turn.  We will be collaborating with a local nonprofit print shop, we will consult with local artists to learn the secrets of their trade, and we will experiment with and explore the printing __DDM04process with our own tools.  Silk screening, wood blocking and more.  Bring your pencil, your sketchbook and your imagination.








Escape from Reality and Create Your Own World!


This intersession is a chance to create your own fantasy world.  We will look at the fantasy worlds that we have seen in movies, tv and books.  We __CE02will work to create our own world and represent it on film.  We will work on acting, writing and some costume making.  We will also delve into the psychology of fantasy play and why it is so popular today.  Come ready with your wild and crazy ideas and be prepared to get into character from another world!__CE03

Freedom Riders


Join us for a week of adventure on two wheels and two feet! We will be traveling from school to Catalina State Park by bike, sticking to bike paths and lanes and taking breaks to fully enjoy the 25 mile ride. Once we are at the park, we will set up camp, cook our own food and sleep under the stars. The next day we will devote to exploration and adventure, practicing our outdoor skills and spending some time hiking desert trails. Finally, to wrap it all up, we will return to school on our two wheels and create a reflection piece to share with the community.  “Four wheels move the body, two wheels move the soul”


__FR02 __FR03


Super Safari: Caring for Animals at Reid Park Zoo


Zoos play an important role in the conservation of wild species, and they give people an opportunity to connect with animals in a meaningful way. Embark on this animaltastic adventure to Reid Park Zoo, and see what it takes to care for over 500 animals a day. During the action-packed week, we will peek from the perspectives of our Zoo Keeper friends; hang out behind-the-scenes with many different furry, feathered, and scaled critters and creatures; concoct creative treats for animals to receive on exhibit (because it just wouldn’t be Intersession without some yummy food!); and track an animal using GPS—just like scientists do in the field. Get to know our hometown Zoo like a VIP, and explore some actions you can take to help protect animals in the wild too.

__SS02 __SS03

Writing and Illustrating Chilling Children’s Tales__CCT01

Calling all young, mysterious readers, writers, and artists of the world… Let’s unite!  Spring brings new found creativity, new ideas, and a new desire for young writers and artists to spread their love for creating new things. And this spring has brought a chilly twist. Our intersession will focus on the collaborative works of our PFFS community to create a spooky children’s book that will be written and illustrated by US! Bring __CCT04your ghoust, ghouls, and spine-chilling tales, suitable for readers ages 12-14! With our whimsical wit, spooktacular stories, and eerie illustrations, I know that we will be able to create an exciting and hair raising book that we can share around the campfire this Halloween! We will study authors such as R.L. Stine, Mary Pope Osbourne, & Derek the Ghost (Yes! That’s the author’s real pseudonym) and use their works as inspiration for ours! I hope you will join me on this spooky and creative adventure!