Spring 2016 Intersession

March 14-18

300 E. University Blvd: The Discovery in the Basement – Gabriella Gutierrez

IMG_8414 (2)A mysterious envelope has made its way into PFFS. It is unknown as to how this envelope appeared or what its contents may contain. Detective Gutierrez is on the case and is in need of a trusted team to help solve the mystery! Throughout the week, we will be using logic and deductive reasoning to interpret clues, navigate town, and solve complex puzzles (including an “escape the room” challenge). We will also explore the minds of classic literary detectives to guide and inspire us along the way. Are you ready to crack the case? Hope to see you there!

Everybody Dance NOW! – Britta Homelvig

IMAG2183Are you a human who loves to move and dance about?  Do you find yourself tapping your feet to that funky beat?  Do you envision fantastic dance moves when you hear a groovy song?  Then this Intersession is for you!  No experience is required, but what is required is an open mind and a love of movement.  In this Intersession we will explore a variety of movements by visiting various studios and studying under guest teachers.  From beginning ballet, to different world forms, to improvisation, we will gain an understanding of why dance is used all over the planet and how those movements were created.  We will explore how dance can be used to de-stress, have fun, tell a story…..and 5, 6, 7, 8!!!!

Intersectionality of Art and Emotion – Mariah Harvey

IMG_4629During this intersession we will not only create and discover ourselves through art, but we will explore the works of famous artists throughout the centuries and study their art through our perceptions and their realities. Salvador Dalí, Frida Kahlo, Vincent Van Gogh and many more world famous artists have been described as possessing mental illnesses by art analysts historically because those artists were bold enough to paint their perceptions and realities. Many of these realities did not fit into societal expectations of what art should be. We will have discussions on how perceptions shape our realities and how art affects our lived experiences. We will have art workshops, create, express, and connect together. We will also visit the homes of a few local artists to gauge their perspectives and see how art has impacted their lives emotionally, physically, and mentally.

Packs to Pools – Ariane Mohr-Felsen & Seth Smith

File_003(3)Join us for an intersession far and away from our PFFS Downtown and University dwellings. Yes, you read right, our campuses are joining forces to take on the trail! We’ll be heading out to the Catalinas for a three-day, two-night backpacking trek! We will pitch our tents close to Romero Pools and spend our time in the field doing a bit of botany, a bit of teambuilding, and, of course, a whole lot of cooking, water fun, and general enjoying-being-outsiding. No gear? No experience? No problem. You bring the gumption, we’ll bring the gear and the know-how. So lace up your shoes, gather your grit, and join us for this joint Intersession of route-roaming and friend-forming!

Power Tools – Carman Ryken

20160315_093403Who wants to use some power tools? And use your hands?  To create and build?  Are you interested in making furniture, jewelry or something new?  This is the place for you.  We are going to build things.  We will spend time at Xerocraft and the Gregory school Fab Lab.  We will weld, drill, hammer, saw, sew, and use a 3D printer to make things.  By the end of the week, each student will have built or made at least one thing, but, more importantly, they will have new skills to design and build more in the future.

Wheel of Fire: Pottery 101 – Mallory Reed Hansen

IMG_8452Wanna play with clay? During our intensive workshop at the Tucson Clay Co-op, we will heat up our hands at the potter’s wheel, experiment with different kinds of sculpture, and learn how to do some serious firing and glazing. As we buddy up with equipment such as kilns, wheels, and slab-rollers, you will form and fire two different pots to take home!  Along the way, we will take a tour of the famous Pottery Project at the U of A, which houses the world’s largest collection of Southwestern Indian pottery. We will also follow our imaginations into the enchanted world of miniatures at the Mini Time Museum. Flex your arms, stretch your creative might, and get ready throw, mold, spin, and fire up some masterpieces!

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