Spring 2017 Intersession

March 13-17


Be Your Own Hero Ariane Mohr-Felsen

Poet T. S. Eliot said, “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far it is possible to go,” and artist Pablo Picasso remarked, “I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.” What is your ‘too far’? What risks are you willing to take to get there? What will you do, in order to achieve what you cannot yet? What will it take to be your own hero?  Leadership requires all kinds of experiences to achieve, but unless you take risks, you won’t give yourself a chance to explore what you are truly capable of. In this intersession, we will dive into the connection between leadership and risk. You’ll have the chance to learn about different forms of leadership and how they fit into your personal leadership style. From there, though, you’ll have the opportunity to consider how you can use your skills to take risks and tackle your fears. We will work with community members, participate in workshops, take part in climbing or a challenge course, perhaps tackle some two-wheel risks, and work through other forms of mental, emotional and physical challenges. Throughout this all though, we will support each other in striving for growth and in creating and embodying inclusive leadership that pushes us, and those around us, to figure out how far it is possible to go.

Exploring Tide Pools and Mud Flats: Coastal Ecology of Northeast Mexico  Steve Beall

CEDO is an acronym for the Intercultural Center for the study of Deserts & Oceans.  It is a research station located in Las Conchas, a suburb of Puerto Penasco, Sonora, Mexico along the NE coast of the Gulf of California.  At CEDO, we will explore the creatures, habitats and cultures of the Sonoran Desert and the Sea of Cortez.   Tide pools will be searched for starfish, sea stars, sea slugs, sea urchins, brine shrimp, and the ever-elusive octopus.   Mud flats will be investigated as we watch for the activities of crabs and shorebirds.  We will also get to participate in some authentic scientific research to help scientists better understand the unique bioregion.  Of course, we’ll have some time to relax and play on the beach.  Students under 16 can re-enter the US with a copy of their birth certificate and a state-issued ID, but passports are preferred.  Parents will be needed to drive students to Puerto Penasco, and we’ll need a female chaperone for the trip.

Find Your Balance  Britta Homelvig

We live in a fast-paced world where productivity and staying as busy as possible is glorified and admired.  Whether it’s waiting for your social media post to be liked, receiving a text from a friend, studying for tests, finishing projects, etc., we constantly think about what comes next.  What we miss, though, is all the beauty that’s in the here and now, and some of us struggle with even getting to the here and now.  Maybe you heard about meditation, tried it, but it wasn’t for you.  Maybe you’ve heard about the mind-body benefits of exercise but can’t muster up the energy.  That’s okay!  There are many ways for us to slow down and reduce stress, and if you’re looking for some lesser known, alternative ways to find balance, then this intersession is for you.  During the week, we will explore some ancient forms used to balance the body, such as Ayurveda.  We will also look at methods that are viewed as new age (think essential oils and chakra alignment) and find that these methods are rooted in evidence.  We will spend time outside and enjoy delicious fares that bring the body and mind back into balance, such as homemade kombucha and chocolate.  I hope you join me for a week of bliss!

Hip Hop and Rap  Mariah Harvey

Hip Hop and Rap have been used for decades to elevate, uplift, and communicate, within Black and Brown neighborhoods, the social experiences that affect many communities. Although Hip Hop has it’s roots in New York City, the genre itself has deep ties with African social dance, as well as ties to some of the barrios and hoods that we all live in today. These genres have evolved into a social movement that help bridge communities, and provide us with a way to express happiness, rage, great sorrow, celebration, and to connect deeply to the political, social, and personal happenings in each of our lives. Hip Hop breaks through and exposes the chains of struggle, and also Hip Hop can also feel like the face of freedom. Some of us live, breathe, dance, feel Hip Hop in ways that we can’t even explain…so if you feel how I feel, then this intersession is for you! This spring intersession will hold powerful conversations dissecting the lyrics of Kendrick Lamar, Kehlani, ScHoolboy Q, Missy Elliot, Chance the Rapper, and many more of our faves. We will explore the controversies surrounding language in Hip Hop, social themes, as well as learn of some of the origins of the latest dance crazes, such as: the milly rock, hit den folks, the dab, and many more. Even if you have minimal experience or knowledge of Hip Hop, this will be a beautiful intersession for all of us to grow, exchange knowledge, and have fun!

Let’s put on a show!  Carman Ryken

Have you ever wished there was a drama class here at school? Or a school play? This is your chance to experience theater at PFFS. We will spend the week playing acting games, visiting a theatre and working on a few one acts plays to perform for the whole school. We will also spend one evening out seeing a play at a local theater. No experience required just an enjoyment of playing characters, interest in learning some tricks of actors and maybe the desire to buy a donkey.

Skeptics and Believers  Gabriella Gutierrez

Are you looking for an experience filled with puppies, chocolate cake, and warm blankets? Well, I regret to inform you that this intersession will not entail any of those delights. However, if you’ve ever found yourself questioning the world we live in or tend to be the lone person in the room left to explain your seemingly “outrageous” ideas, then this may be the intersession for you. Throughout the week we will be examining conspiracy theories surrounding issues of privacy, government intervention, secret societies and aliens. Yes, aliens. We will also work to unravel one of Tucson’s most perplexing conspiracy theories. A wise owl once said, “In order to seek answers, you must be willing to ask questions.” Bring a critical eye and an open mind. See you there!