Spring 2018 Intersession

March 12-16, 2018

Exploring Tide Pools and Mud Flats at CEDO (Steve) – CEDO is an acronym for the Intercultural Center for the study of Deserts & Oceans. It is a research station located in Las Conchas, a suburb of Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, Mexico along the NE coast of the Gulf of California. At CEDO, we will explore the creatures, habitats and cultures of the Sonoran Desert and the Sea of Cortez. Tide pools will be searched and mud flats investigated. We will also get to participate in  research to help scientists better understand the unique bioregion. Of course, we’ll also have some time to relax and play on the beach. Students under 16 can re-enter the US with a copy of their birth certificate and a state-issued ID, but passports are preferred. Parents will be needed to drive students to Puerto Peñasco, and we’ll need a female chaperone for the trip.

Laughter is the Best Medicine (Gaby) – Ever wonder how comedians come up with jokes?  Perhaps you want to try your hand at improv or write comedy sketches? Alas, I invite you to join me for a week of learning through laughter! Throughout the week we will explore the world of comedy by interacting with local stand up comedians, researching the history of comedy and watching performances from some of the “comedy greats.” We will also incorporate social justice themes by analyzing the importance of diversity and representation in comedy. Students will participate in joke writing workshops, play improv games, and produce comedy sketches. Of course, you will have many opportunities to write and share jokes of your own! WARNING:  Side effects of this intersession may include- watery eyes, cheek pain, abdominal pain, and migraines from jokes that go over your head.

The Mechanics of Car Care (Marcus) – We will be learning about taking care of and repairing cars. We will be collaborating with professionals and learning as much as we can about how to assess a vehicle, how to sell an old car for more by giving it a thorough detailing, how to service a car by doing maintenance on it such as an oil change and changing filters and fluids, and how to perform basic repairs such as changing spark plugs, fixing brake lights, mending dodgy door locks and windows.  We’ll work on actual cars, make some money, and spend our final day driving go carts!

Playing with Fire! (Carman) – I know fire is dangerous, but I can not help but be drawn to it. The colors, the beauty, the heat!  We will spend time playing with fire in a safe, artistic environment.  We will learn to blow glass with experts at the Sonoran Glass School, visit a few galleries and museums to see what other fire art is out there, and work on clay beads at Ben’s Bells. I am also hoping to visit some other fire experts and maybe learn to make fire and delicious smores.  

To Infinity and Beyond (Tadeo) – Have you ever wondered how the universe was created and if it is still expanding? How do we know what the surface of other planets are like? What are black holes and what might lay beyond them? We will visit the University of Arizona’s Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, explore the surface of Mars with the HiRISE Eye in the Martian Sky program, explore black holes, venture into the Steward Observatory Mirror lab to uncover the secrets of how the world’s most powerful telescopes, We will spend an overnight here at PFFS-U and explore our solar system through the UA’s on campus telescope. We will explore how people of color and women have made amazing contributions to our understanding of our universe.

The following are  joint intersession experiences with students

from both Paulo Freire schools participating.

Saddle to Summit (Ariane) – The highest point of attainment or aspiration. To summit: to reach the highest point of aspiration. For all of you who aspire, who push, who reach for those highest points. We’ll spend 3 nights/2 days in the Santa Ritas, immersing ourselves in the beauty of our Sky Islands and reconnecting with the natural world. Whilst in the majestic outdoors we will hone our naturalist identification skills, utilize Leave No Trace practices, and work together to cook our own food and maintain our campsite. We will use what we learn on a grand hike, supporting each other to summit Mt. Wrightston. Get ready for an intersession where you push yourself to higher places.

Wellness Through Movement and Expression (Ariane Garcia and visiting instructor Tracy Penfield)  Do you want to move and learn how to use expression and dance as powerful tools in your daily life? Join us with Tracy Penfield, founder of SafeArt, in interactive workshops learning about arts, expression, movement, and dance and how they all connect to leading a healthy life. Immerse yourself in being active and learning how to process life through movement, gain knowledge about your body and how it moves, and learn how to express yourself creatively.

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